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Up coming events:

Smith Island Book Club:  Meeting on October 10 2018, 7:30 pm. at the Smith Island Cultural Center.  Our first book is "Deadrise" by Robert Blake Whitehill.

Smith Island Book Club:  Author meet and greet event. 

Come and meet Mr. Robert Blake Whitehill, Author of the Ben Blackshaw series.

October 12, 2018 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm reception and book discussion at the SI Cultural Center.

October 13, 2018 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm book discussion at the SI Cultural Center.


Smith Island Cultural Center, 20846 Caleb Jones Road, Ewell, MD  21824. 

Festival Artists.


Smith Island Art Festival Avocational (Amateur) Photo Contest

Contest date May 25, 2019 at the Smith Island Art Festival.

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Call to Artists:  If you would like to participate in either event please  click here for registration information. 





If you would like to schedule group events for pre season, summer season, and post season please call the above number.  Please leave your name and contact information, and some one will call you back.

We are now in our post season.  The restaurant will be open on Saturday and Sunday through October 13,2018, or by appt. for pre-booked groups.  Then we will be closed for the Winter.

Lunch service:  11:00 am - 4:00 pm  Saturday and Sunday through October 13th.

Dinner service:  4:00 pm - 6:00 pm  Saturday through the end of September. 

Sunday no dinner hours, however you will be able to order off of both the lunch and dinner menus during the Sunday lunch hours through the end of September.










Bayside Inn Carry Out, and Snow Ball Stand          (Ewell)     410-425-2771


Golf Cart rentals:         $15.00 1/2 hr,   $25.00   1 hr,   $50.00   2 1/2 hrs.

Bike rentals:                 $3.00 1/2 hr,      $5.00   1 hr.

Surry (2 person bike):  $8.00 1/2 hr,    $15.00    1 hr.



  • Harborside Grocery and Restaurant  (Ewell)  410-425-2525Harborside Restaurant and Grocery







Gift Shops:

  • Bayside Gifts                                              (Ewell)             410-425-2771
  • A Favorite Pastime Gift Shop                     (Ewell)
  • Smith Island Quilting/Art&Gifts                   (Ewell



  • Corbin Tours       (Water Taxi)                         (Tylerton)    410-425-2124
  • Kayaking/canoeing
  • Missy Evans                                                    (Tylerton)     410-968-1175
  • Sunset Cruises                                                 (Ewell)        410-425-2128
  • Tim's Island Adventures (sea glass proging)    (Ewell)        410-425-2165 


Nature:Chesapeake Bay Foundation             (Tylerton) Martin National Wild Life Refuge       (Ewell)Bird watchingFishingStores:Smith Island Crab Meat Co-Op           (Ty 

  • Watermen's Tours  (Barry Bruce)                     (Ewell)        410-425-3181

        Coming to Smith Island for an extended visit take time to experience the Watermen’s life.  Barry Bruce is a lifelong watermen, his family history goes back many generations on Smith Island.  There is so much to do here, you could book a full day.  Talk with Barry about going to Pelican Island, and Tylerton were you can see a big jaw bone of a whale in the front yard of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Boat through the straights, and crooked guts of our Island were you can see several different types of wild life.  He makes a stop around the sound side were he takes 1 or 2 licks of the crab scrapes to show how crabs are caught.  He tells his history of crabbing as a child with his father up to present day.  He talks about how techniques have changed from Pad and tongs for oystering to dredging, and trout lines for crabs to scrapping.  Later he will stop at his shanty to show how crabs shed their shells.  He brings you through the straights to Capt. Daniels place, and up to Kedges Strait Light House were the Navy had their big battle of the revolutionary war.  All the away along your tour photo opportunities abound. 



Nature:Chesapeake Bay Foundation             (Tylerton) Martin National Wild Life Refuge       (Ewell)Bird watchingFishingStores:Smith Island Crab Meat Co-Op           (Tylerto






  • Clayton and Sons Seafood                         (Tylerton)         410-425-2549
  • Eddie Evans Seafood                                 (Ewell)              410-425-2040
  • Smith Island Bakery                                    (Ewell)
  • Smith Island Crab Meat Co-Op                   (Tylerton)         410-968-1344 
  • Smith Island Oil                                           (Ewell)             410-425-2341 

 Workshops and Classes:

Jay Fleming's Photography Workshop  



Smith Island Ceramics   

Smith Island Quilting, Arts and Crafts

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