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(This is a curtesy information website.  The prices on this site need to be updated, therefor in restaurant prices prevail.)



          FAMILY STYLE SEAFOOD LUNCHEON --(no sharing please)    $22.99 per person 

Includes two (2) crab cakes (ball shaped) plus all you can eat:  clam fritters, baked ham, corn pudding, stewed tomatoes, green beans, coleslaw, macaroni salad, homemade rolls, drink & dessert (pie)! 

(Served with the Smith Island Cake $25.99 per person)  (NO DOGGIE BAGS)





 All platters includes a choice of two (2) vegetables:   

cole slaw, macaroni salad, green beens, or stewed tomatoes, and fresh baked rolls.


#1 - CRAB CAKE PLATTER - fresh local crab cakes     -  single crab cake         $17.99

                                                                                        -  (2) crab cakes             $25.99

#2 - SOFT CRAB PLATTER - fresh local soft crabs       -  single Lg. soft crab     $15.99

                                                                                        -  (2) Lg. soft crabs         $23.99

#3 - SEAFOOD COMBO - 1 crab cake, 1 soft crab & 2 fried shrimp                    $27.99

#4 - JUMBO FRIED SHRIMP PLATTER - lightly battered shrimp                         $16.99

#5 - HOT CRAB DIP PLATTER - Crab meeat in cream cheese topped with        $16.99

                                           cheddar cheese & served with FF


(Add on a Crab cake for $9.50 or a Soft Crab for only $7.99 to any platter)


Cole slaw, macaroni salad, green beans, or stewed tomatoes                                         $2.79

French Fries                                                                                                                      $2.99



Marylalnd Crab Soup - tomato base with vegs. & fresh crab meat                        Cup     $4.99

                                                                                                                               Bowl    $6.49

Cream of Crab Soup - rich & creamy with fresh crab meat                                    Cup    $5.99

                                                                                                                               Bowl    $7.49

SANDWICH - served on bread with chips, pickle, condiment and macaroni salad or cole slaw.


 CRAB CAKE - made from fresh local crab meat served on a bun                 $14.99

 SOFT CRAB - 2 soft crabs lightly breaded served on sliced bread                $12.99

 FRIED OYSTER - single fried oysters on sliced bread                                   $10.99

 HAM & CHEESE - boneless baked ham sliced thin with cheese                      $6.50

 TURKEY BREAST - shaved turkey breast served on sliced bread                   $6.50

 SHRIMP SALAD - shrimp salad served on bun with lettuce                            $12.99

 FRESH CHEESEBURGER - 1/4 lb. angus beef with cheese                            $7.99                                              and french fries - only


BASKETS - served with French fries, condiments and cole slaw.


SHRIMP TENDERS - lightly dusted shrimp                                     $10.99

CHICKEN TENDERS - breaded chicken breast strips                       $9.99

CLAM STRIPS - lightly breaded strips of clams                                 $9.99

ROCK FISH FILETS - battered Rock fish filet                                  $10.99





 CHICKEN NUGGET BASKET - served with French Fries                                    $5.99

 FRENCH FRIES                                                                                                    $2.99




SMITH ISLAND CAKE - slice - ask for today's flavors                                           $4.99

SMITH ISLAND SUNDAE - vanilla ice cream topped with Smith Island Cake      $5.99

ICE CREAM - ask for today's flavors                                                                     $4.99





Please visit our carryout for golf cart and bike rentals, ice cream goodies, or take home one of our Smith Island Cakes.

TAKE HOME A "SMITH ISLAND CAKE"     1/2 CAKE   $19.99         WHOLE CAKE  $38.99

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