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Living Shore Line
25 Sep 2016

The islands that make up MNWR are Barrier Islands that protect the North End of Smith Island from the Chesapeake Bay.  The rock and sand structures that have been built at Fog Point, will help to stop the erosion of the refuge's shore line, and interior tidal marshes.

  In time sea grass will be able to re-establish themselfs, and re-build healthy habitats for aquatic species like soft shell crabs, and rock fish.  Tidal marshes will continue to grow, and provide a strong habitat for the many species of birds that call Smith Island home, as well as the migratory species that stop by through out the year.  Both the sea grass, and the marshes also help to clean the Bay by removing Nitrates out of the water.

All of this will protect the Wildlife, and the Residents of Smith Island.

For press releases, Youtube vidios, USFWS Hurrican Sandy Recovery, and more information about the Living Shoreline Project click here.


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